Copy Services


Advertising in newspapers or trade publications is a time tested method of advertising. Your chosen publications readership offers a specific demographic to pinpoint your message to thousands of potential customers.

No matter what you are looking for a full-page, four color process ad or a one column, black and white spot, we can design the elements, write the copy, and submit your attention-getting ad directly to the publication.

We can help you “brand” your product or service through the development of an advertising theme, giving your advertising campaign continuity — allowing ads to portray a common message, which will entice readers to react and learn more about your company and product line. Brand recognition is marketing that perpetuates itself. Let Norhurst Media help you become a leader in your industry.

Copywriting/ Event Coverage:

Readers react to your message based on the way it is written. Choosing the right words and images to identify your business can be tricky. Creating the proper identity and maintaining relevance in today’s market is an ongoing dance with public image and current tastes. Let our team of experienced quality copy writers and editors present your company to the world.

Gearing your article, write-up, or advertisement to a targeted audience maximizes its effectiveness. Imagine advertising to a group of businessmen where you are inviting them to a trade show. The announcement should be written in language they can relate to and understand. However, if you are writing an ad to sell IT products to computer specialists, the content would be specific to that group.

Whether your message is industry specific or geared toward a wide audience, we have the tools to create exactly what you are looking for. At Norhurst Media, we will learn the ins and outs of your product or service in order to tailor an advertising campaign to your needs.