Whether you’re launching a new product, starting a new business, or promoting an event, one of the first items you may need are promotional flyers to spread the word. These marketing materials are perfect for business activities and trade shows because they are cost-efficient. They’re easy to create, versatile, effective, and quick to distribute. They can also be designed as promo coupons or admission tickets.

Business flyers are usually distributed in places with high foot traffic, for that reason the print and design should be clear and concise for people to get the message you want to send and bring positive attention to your business.

Your flyer printing needs are in good hands with us. We meet your exacting standards with custom production. As business professionals ourselves we know that every second wasted means money wasted as well. Cut your advertising expenses without sacrificing quality through Norhurst Media.


We realize many companies have limited internal marketing services. Our experience can help make brochure and catalog development a breeze without maxing out your internal resources.

Norhurst Media can help provide logo, copy and photography services for your company. With these materials we can get started on your sell sheets and print advertising. We can use your company’s resources, add to it, or create one from scratch. Our team will work with you on promoting the features and benefits of your products and services to develop the most accurate and appealing representation possible. The best thing of all is we can accomplish this at a reasonable cost because we have design, copy writing, and photography in-house.

Contact one of our experienced Norhurst Media marketing designers to get started today.